AIRCON Dual Zone AMTCM4H4R30 a16em4h4r12 a16em4h4r18 ducltess Ai rconditioner Heat Pump SEER 21

Item#: AMTCM4H4R30 a16em4h4r12-18K

Brand: Aircon

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Product Details


Features Unit Specs
Model - AMTCM4H4R30
Product Code -
Cooling Capacity kW 8.30
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 28400
Min. Cooling Capacity W 2400
Min. Cooling Capacity Btu/h 8189
Max. Cooling Capacity W 9800
Max. Cooling Capacity Btu/h 33438
Heating Capacity kW 8.79
Heating Capacity Btu/h 30000
Min. Heating Capacity W 2400
Min. Heating Capacity Btu/h 8189
Max. Heating Capacity W 9500
Max. Heating Capacity Btu/h 32414
EER W/W 3.66
EER (Btu/h)/W 12.50
COP W/W 3.74
COP (Btu/h)/W 12.76
SEER - 21.00
HSPF - 10.50
Air Flow Volume m3/h 4000
Air Flow Volume CFM 2354
Sound Pressure Level  dB(A) 59
Sound Power Level  dB(A) 69
Rated Voltage V 208/230
Rated Frequency Hz 60
Phases - 1
Cross-sectional Area of Power Cable Conductor mm2 3.3(AWG12)
Recommended Power Cable(Core) N 3
Fuse Current A 30
Circuit Breaker A 30
Cooling Power Input kW 2.27
Heating Power Input kW 2.35
Rated Power Input kW 3.80
Cooling Current Input A 9.87
Heating Current Input A 10.22
Rated Current A 16.86
Starting Current  A /
Compressor Trademark  - GREE
Compressor Manufacturer - ZHUHAI LANDA COMPRESSOR CO.LTD
Compressor Model1 - QXAS-D32zX090A
Compressor Type1 - Inverter Rotary
Compressor Capacity      W 12300
Compressor Power Input W 4150
Compressor Rated Load Amp (RLA)  A 13.9
Compressor Locked Rotor Amp (L.R.A)    A /
Compressor Thermal Protector      - 1NT11L—6233
Compressor Crankcase W 40
Compressor Refrigerant Oil Type  - FV50S
Compressor Refrigerant Oil  Charge Volume L 1
Chassis Electrical Heater Power Input W 96
Chassis Electrical Heater Current A 0.4
Fan Type - Axial-flow
Fan Quantity - 1
Fan Diameter-height mm 550-120
Motor Model - SWZ150A
Motor Type - DC motor
Motor Insulation Class - E
Motor Safe Class - IPX4
Overload Protector - /
Motor Full Load Amp(FLA) A 0.68
Fan Motor Drive Type -
Fan Motor Speed rpm 850
Fan Motor Power Output W 100
Fan Motor Power Input W 150
Fan Motor Capacitor  µF /
Condenser  Material - Aluminum Fin-copper Tube
Condenser  Face Area  m2 0.68
Condenser  Pipe Diameter  mm f7.94
Condenser  Number of Rows - 2
Condenser  Tube Pitch(a)×Row Pitch(b)   mm 22×19.05
Condenser Fin Pitch mm 1.4
Condenser  Fin Type -
Condenser  Fin Colour - Blue
Condenser  Length(L) × Height(H) × Width(W) mm 917×748×38.1
Condenser Max. Allowable Pressure MPa 10.0
Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure for the Discharge Side MPa 4.2
Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure for the Suction Side MPa 2.5
Maximum Allowable Pressure MPa 4.2
High Presser Overload Protector MPa 4
Low Presser  Overload Protector MPa /
Cooling Operation  Ambient Temperature Range  FH -1
Heating Operation  Ambient Temperature Range  FH -4
Maximum drive IDU NO. unit 4
Defrosting Method -- Automatic Defrosting
Isolation - I
Moisture Protection -- IPX4
Overload Protector -
Climate Type - T1
Refrigerant - R410A
Refrigerant Charge kg 2.8
Throttling Method - Electron expansion valve
Dimension of Outline(W×D×H) mm 980×427×790
Dimension of Carton Box(L×W×H) mm 1080×485×840
Dimension of Package(L×W×H) mm 1083×488×855
Net Weight kg 70.0
Gross Weight kg 77.0
Outdoor Unit Loading Quantity
( 20’ Container ) 
unit 44
Outdoor Unit Loading Quantity
( 40’ Container ) 
unit 96
Outdoor Unit Loading Quantity
( 40’ High Cube Container )
unit 144
Connection Pipe Connection Method - Flare Connection
Not Additional Gas Connection Pipe Length m 40
Connection Pipe Gas Additional Charge g/m 20
Connection Pipe Liquid Pipe Outer Diameter 1 mm f6
Connection Pipe Liquid Pipe Outer Diameter 2 mm f6
Connection Pipe Liquid Pipe Outer Diameter 3 mm f6
Connection Pipe Liquid Pipe Outer Diameter 4 mm f6
Connection Pipe Liquid Pipe Outer Diameter 5 mm /
Connection Pipe Gas Pipe  Outer Diameter 1 mm f9.52
Connection Pipe Gas Pipe  Outer Diameter 2 mm f9.52
Connection Pipe Gas Pipe  Outer Diameter 3 mm f9.52
Connection Pipe Gas Pipe  Outer Diameter 4 mm f9.52
Connection Pipe Gas Pipe  Outer Diameter 5 mm /
Connection Pipe Max. Height Distance(indoor and indoor) m 7.5
Connection Pipe Max. Height Distance(indoor and outdoor and indoor up) m 15
Connection Pipe Max. Height Distance(indoor and outdoor and outdoor up) m 15
Max. equivalent connection pipe length(outdoor to last indoor) m 25
Connection Pipe Max. Length Distance(total lenght) m 70
Air Condition Function
Low Ambient Cooling Function      YES
Defrosting Time Set Function      YES
Low Voltage Startup    YES
Compressor With Electric Heater   YES
Chassis With Electric Heater   YES


· 5-year on compressor and 1-year other parts.
* Registration card will be sent in the package; this card should be filled by HVAC technician (installer). A lot of customers have called us asking if they install the unit without the licensed AC Company, will their warranty be void? Answer to that question is Yes. Unfortunately no brand or manufacturer can take the responsibility of the equipment if it was not professionally installed.

Kingersons Store Warranty: If anything defective or damaged upon delivery contact Kingersons within 15 days. Kingersons at that point will provide free replacement. After first 30 days, your warranty for parts and compressor is moved from Kingersons to the Manufacturer.
Manufacturer warranty: Once the warranty rolls over to the manufacturer, you will have a toll free number for your tech support for any assistance you may need with the product in future. On Air Conditoners you will receive five years on compressor and one year on parts from them.
TIP: Installing a split AC is easy for any AC company, but can get tricky for a homeowner. In many cities it is illegal to touch a refrigerant and perform other such activities without a license. We as a company cannot encourage a customer to install the split AC, but have seen a lot of customers do it in the past. At the same time we have seen some customers installing the unit unprofessionally without performing all the necessary steps, which resulted in issues with the AC unit within the first 3 months.

In short, you can do all the handyman work yourself but can hire an AC company to finish the important process on the Split unit. For example you can drill the hole in the wall, hang the indoor unit on the wall carefully and then place the outdoor unit outside on a concrete pad or a flat surface. But there are some steps you cannot perform, as you do not have tools for it. Which is where your AC Company gets involved to finish all the necessary steps. For example they will need to vacuum the lines, check for the leaks and then release the refrigerant.
Also, remember no matter how good of an install kit the manufacturer provides, these steps are a must for a successful split AC installation. Some company's selling split AC will make you believe their installation kit is quick connect, which means you do not have to have a AC company to install it. But that is not true. Our install kits are “quick connect” too, but any thing can go wrong during the shipment or the parts in the package. For example the copper lines may have a small hole from manufacturing defect. So for example if the lines are not tested for leaks, the refrigerant will leak slowly after installation and within 1-2 months your AC will stop working and you will end up paying $500 or more to have more refrigerant added. So it is worth having it installed the right way to begin with. Your local AC Company can charge you on an hourly basis and above-mentioned process should not take more than 1-2 hours. But if they install the whole unit from scratch to finish, number of hours can vary depending upon each individual situation. This process will not only ensure you have a working split AC for a long time, but at the same time you will have an energy efficient AC that saves you electricity bills as well.