Fujitsu UTY-DMMUM Central Remote Controller For AOU48RLXFZ1


Brand: Fujitsu

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Product Details
Product Overview

The Fujitsu UTY-DMMUM Wired Remote Controller allows you to effectively manage up to eight Fujitsu Mini Split Indoor Units. This remote is connected to branch boxes in a system that uses an AOU48RLXFZ1 Mini Split Outdoor Condenser. Fujitsu's UTY-DMMUM Wired Remote Controller is a brilliant option if you are looking to streamline the operation of multiple zones in a Fujitsu system.

Product Features

Minimum Heat Settings
The Fujitsu UTY-DMMUM allows you to select a minimum heat operation mode. This mode will activate indoor units when the zone temperature drops below 50 degrees. This protects your system from freezing while using a minimal amount of power. Minimum heat operation may be applied to individual units or your entire system.

Restrict Energy Use
With a UTY-DMMUM Wired Remote Controller you can set your Fujitsu Mini Split Indoor Units to operate in economy mode. This mode exchanges a small amount of heating and cooling power for reduced energy consumption from your system. As with minimum heat operation, this mode may be applied to any and all units.

Set a Schedule
Your indoor units may be assigned an operation schedule from this wired remote controller. The UTY-DMMUM can provide two seven-day schedules with up to four events per day. Each schedule may be customized on a unit-by-unit basis, assuring that neither comfort nor efficiency is ever compromised.

Control Locking
You may lock the controls on the UTY-DMMUM. This ensures that the only changes to your zone's temperature are coming from an authorized source.

Product Compatible With
  • Fujitsu AOU48RLXFZ1 Mini Split Outdoor Condenser